I am by no means a perfect packer, but I feel like I’ve got a decent amount of experience. I haven’t traveled solo since Covington,but I used to could pack a weeks worth of clothes in my carry-on bag. I used to visit Jordan every other month when we were long distance dating.. I didn’t want to waste any time with lost luggage or standing at baggage claim. Packing for two or more is a different story…I don’t get that luxury. First of all, I only have two hands and can’t be carrying or rolling a million things through the airport. I usually check one bag for C and me and carry a big purse on the plane. A few tips that have seemed to make my life easier …

  • Pick the lightest suitcase possible. Every airline has a different weight limit… and no matter what I am always bordering going over so the lighter the suitcase the more I can jam in there.
  • Do not check any bag that you wouldn’t care to be dropped on the highway and hit by a mac truck. Literally they are put through hell and back so don’t check that Louis Vuitton KEEPALL bag and expect it to return to you unscathed
  • Cover your car seat and stroller if you choose to check them! Nothing has pissed me off worse than getting my $300 Maxi Cosi carseat back at baggage claim and it was soaking wet and had two holes in it. So COVER them!



  •   Roll your clothes!! I just picked this up recently. Thick sweaters or jackets I lay flat on the bottom and literally roll everything else as tight as I can get it and stack them on top. It saves SO much room!


  • Hats are saved for the top. Anyone with a bonnet wearing baby knows that they should be tucked inside each other and laid out so the brims don’t crease.


Yes, please admire the white dog hair all over my hat that I have to lint roller off!

  • Clip bows to the top inside zipper so the don’t get squished


  • Check all liquids and double bag them in a ziplock bag so you don’t have to pull them out at security.
  • Wear your heaviest shoes. I love the picture of the girl boaring the spirit flight and she’s literally wearing layers and layers of clothes so she doesn’t have to pay extra..it’s kinda fitting

Well,that pretty much covers the major ones that seem to help me the most. If anyone has any other suggestions shoot them my way (: