This wall has been bare for so long and I’m so happy with the way this turned out. I wanted a huge mirror but could never find one that I like that was within a reasonable price range. I actually found this mirror at Wal Mart and it was onsale for $30!!! I instantly knew what I wanted plates to take up the rest of the wall space. I still want to put a cut out above the mirror when I find the perfect one.
img_3033You can see my pile of clothes for Goodwill on the bench… oh well :/img_8984 (I will be telling about our diy spoon hooks you can see in my next post!) img_9005 I used the basic wire, expandable plate hangers. I want to be able to change them out if I decide to! img_9003   All of the plates are from Anthropologie except one that was my great grandmothers.