I hardly ever wear this braid that I don’t get complimented or stopped and asked how to do it. It is SO simple and I usually do it when my hair is dirty as all get out,or when I don’t feel like using heat. It is perfect for Summer and looks so good with sun-kissed, highlighted hair.

1.I started here with air dried frizz ball hair. Part your hair on the side and take a small section on top close to your part. You can also use clip in extensions to thicken up your braid!
2. Section into three parts. 3. Start a regular dutch braid and cross under a few times. (a dutch braid is opposite a regular braid. instead of crossing hair over you go under.) Continue braiding down and start adding hair. 4. Braid to the top of your ear and start pulling the braid apart. It is much easier to stop the braid midway and pull apart then trying to braid the entire thing and then pull apart. 5. Finish the braid to the end of the hair. 6. Before adding the elastic pull out the braid to your liking. I usually go back through and pull mine out a lot! I like it to be extra loopy and loose. 7. Add an elastic and silkening serum to ends. You can also pull out a few pieces around your face if you don’t like hair completely off your face. 

The more you do it the easier it is! I usually just end up throwing mine together while I’m sitting at the beach to just get it out of my face. It’s a littler more together looking than my basic top knot. I am obsessed with braids and this if my go to!