“Nothing is original, so embrace influence, collect ideas, and remix and re-imagine to discover your own path.”- Austin Cleon.

Truer words have never been spoken! One of the great things about blogging/social media is that we can all support and inspire each other. With that being said, I was majorly inspired by Erin, known as cottonstem on Instagram. She did a book gallery wall and I, on a whim, decided that I needed one too! I have struggled with decorating the blank space beside our mantle since we got it, so I knew where it was going.

I started by rounding up books. I think I ended up with 9 books. It definitely did not take that many but, I wanted a good variety of sizes. Another thing I looked for were older books that had yellowed a little bit due to age. I wanted several contrasting colors so everything didn’t look the same. I used hard back and paper back books. I honestly preferred the paper backs because they were easier to pull apart. An awesome place to find cheap books is Goodwill!

I pulled pages out of each book, and pretty much went to town. I planned out the design of what I wanted it to look like and I started left to right, one book at a time. I didn’t have much logic I did a lot of trial and error.

Items I Used:


Wire Brads (known to me as tiny nails)


I was worried about seeing the nails holding up the books, but these are so tiny you can not even see them.

 My husband is rounding up a few pieces of sheet music to throw into the mix so, we can add a little more personal touch to our wall!

There will be a few million nails holes to fill when I decide to take this down…But,I think I’m going to love this for a while!