I don’t know about y’all, but it seems that every holiday I struggle on what to get my husband. Recently, on my endless search for new ideas,  I came across Jord Wood Watches and instantly knew what he’d be getting for Valentine’s Day! My husband had been searching for the perfect watch for quite some time but never could find the one that he thought suited him. Knowing this, I brought him in on the idea and let him have a little say in the matter. I must say the moment I showed these watches to him he lit up just as i had. We were both having such a hard time deciding on which one was our favorite. Eventually, he was very drawn the the Dover Series with Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood. He thought it was so unique and would be very versatile – fitting his lifestyle perfectly. We used the size chart that Jord provided, customized it to fit his wrist, and placed our order.

We received the watch and immediately I was blown away by the packaging. Not only beautiful aesthetically, the box serves as a humidity-controlled cedar storage place. I thought it was ingenious to double the box as not only a beautiful place to store your watch, but also care for it’s unique wood construction at the same time. I must say, however, it hasn’t spent much time in the box since it’s been at our house! My husband is very proud to showcase it, and it’s self-winding capability keeps him on the go without having to worry about his watch. 

The watch itself is beyond beautiful. It exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The wood construction is not only unique, but gives a natural tone that matches well with any outfit. The watch face features a gorgeous bold-face and is complemented by a glass inner look of the complex and stunning inner-workings. This combination of complexity with something as simple as wood itself is truly a exquisite pairing that I haven’t seen on a watch before. My husband wears it everyday and said he no longer would need more than one watch as this one complements everything in his everyday wear while keeping up with his lifestyle. He has been stopped numerous times with inquires on the watch and where to get one! 

I must admit (as you can see above)I may have even slipped it on a few times. Of course, I already have eyes on one for me! I know I would love any of them, so my next struggle will be picking out my favorite. Oh the struggle! What do you guys think?…I am usually drawn to something a little more neutral so I think I am leaning a little towards the Frankie series with Zebrawood and Champagne.  (Ahem, in case you are reading this babe…)

Do yourself a favor and enter here to win $100 towards your perfect watch! On the plus side, everyone wins $25! Contest closes February 5 at 11:59 pm. All codes will expire on April 30 ,2017. Best of luck and enjoy your new watch!! Now, when you’re looking for that perfect gift idea for the person that is impossible to buy for – now you know! You’re welcome!


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*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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