I have been so excited about putting together our hot chocolate bar. I think I get a little ahead of myself and think that I am capable of doing a little more than I probably am but…. I have been obsessed with the mini gingerbread toppers since I bought some in Anthropologie last year. Well I was obviously feeling pretty brave and decided I wanted to make some…I used this pattern and tried to follow it the best I could. They aren’t all exactly the same but it makes them unique. I must be the only person that didn’t realize how many freaking ingredients are in gingerbread. I used The Gingerbread Snowflake and Royal Icing recipes from marthastewart.com. It makes a ton!! I only used around half and made 10 houses. All in all they aren’t perfect but I think they turned out pretty cute.img_1932




Obviously, I also needed hot chocolate for the hot chocolate bar. So,I made several versions of hot chocolate on a stick. All you have do is stir it into a cup of warm milk and it makes the perfect cup of cocoa. I used popsicle sticks and peppermint sticks to hold them together. This recipe is so simple and easy to follow. I topped a few with sprinkles, marshmallows, and peppermint. I kept most of them plain because I will have a lot of toppings on my bar Christmas Eve.img_1939




Hopefully by the weekend I will finally have everything ready (: