I get asked all the time.. how in the world I have bright white furniture with 2 dogs and a toddler. Because it can be bleached and washed as much as the laundry fairy around here wants to wash it. I’ve said a million times that I love it and I would pick to have white again and again. It fits our space and when it’s CLEAN I love it. With that being said, they are probably the things I complain about the most. I usually try to keep them covered with pillows and blankets which helps a little. I decided to try and find humor in the millions of dreadful things that happen to our white slipcovers. I documented over a course of one week…the things that we encounter.


  • Dog prints have made an appearance almost instantly after I get that last clean cushion on. I don’t know what it is about clean clothes, beds, furniture, Marley(our lab) is instantly attracted to it. This time it’s just dirt so it pretty much all dusts off.
  • Cheeto fingers. Covington loves her Cheetos but she hates having dirty hands. Solution, she wipes them on the couch.
  • We have guests over and they put there feet on the couch.. yep ( Why I don’t also have the white ottoman)
  • My husband gets hot sauce on the couch.
  • Marley burrows herself on the top of the chair like a cat and gets the top cushion black. Bottom cushion is just slightly black. She has a dog door she goes in and out of as she pleases so that is why she is always tracking in dirt.
  • Spilled coffee. It was me this time. A super hero decided to do a nose dive off the couch and instead of having her hit the ground I tossed my coffee and caught her.
  • A cereal bar is dropped and stomped into the couch cushion.
  • Chloe(our Yorkie) went outside and rolled and then proceeded to rub her back against the bottom of the couch.
  • Marley drags a pillow off the couch and takes it out the dog door
  • Doritos are now on the chair somehow
  • A few smooshed up gummies are between two couch cushions
  • and now there is a sleeve of grahmn crackers Marley has shredded all over the couch


And this is a slow week (: I am usually able to vacuum up or remove just a few cushions and wash them if needed. I probably wash my entire couch every other week. No, we probably shouldn’t eat all over the house.. but we live here. It’s our home to be lived in.

So, the next time someone asks me if they should get a white sofa or chairs, ask your self if you are willing to put in the work to keep them that way…or keep a bottle of wine handy and you won’t really care what it looks like!  We sure love ours (:15368993_10208315778673999_1410837115_o