Welcome to our perfectly imperfect home! We have had so much fun pulling out the old and adding the new to our home this year. Every day I find something I want to do differently so it’s always changing. I feel like I can never capture the warmth and magic of our cozy home. Night time is my favorite… I could sit and stare at the tree and think of how thankful I am. img_1287

img_1325I love our family tree! It’s so special to me. We don’t have a certain theme. It’s full of handmade and sentimental ornaments.13

12Where we spend most of our time cuddled up (:11





img_1369One of the most special things to me is this manger from Bethlehem. My MIL bought it for Jordan’s future wife before she even knew me.5

7I stuck tree clippings everywhere!8


ssI love seeing the tree in the mirrorimg_0713e

img_0746Covington’s room may be my favorite1I kept our room pretty simple..I thought garland might be a tad too much in here. img_1445sI got this antique bar cart as an early Christmas present and I am OBSESSED!! I am going to turn it into a hot chocolate bar for Christmas!2

4Covington and I made these today! We had one more but….Marley decided to take two of them apart and eat them. So, we had to combine the parts of the leftovers for one. #badbinks14I love driving up to our house and seeing the lights twinkling through the window. Christmas always makes me feel like a kid again!