Well we got home yesterday after a hellacious 12 hour drive with a two year old. Yeah…she wasn’t so good anyway, we had the best Thanksgiving in MS with my family. We relaxed by the fire, stuffed our faces with delicious food and watched those Bulldogs put a beat down on Ole Miss!!! Can I get a “HAIL STATE” !!? We went to see Santa on the Oxford Square (Covington hates him this year) and we did a carriage ride, which Covington proceeded to cry for a good 30 minutes after because we had to get off. I promise she isn’t always bad but… she had one of those days (: All in all we had a great time and it’s a very fun tradition we started last year. I also continued tradition by going to Wal Mart Thanksgiving night with my mama and mimi for all the madness. It wasn’t so bad this year, but it’s always fun! So, can we go ahead and talk Gilmore Girls already? If you haven’t already watched it STOP reading…img_4581Anyone that knows me knows how much I pretty much live and breathe this show. I own all the seasons and record the ones that come on tv everyday. Yeah, it’s kinda weird. I have always thought that Lorelai and Rory had a very similar relationship to my mom and I, and what I hope to also be Covington and me! Maybe that’s why I have always found it to be so relatable.There has never been a doubt in my mind on who Lorelai should end up with since the very first episode. Luke. Obviously! When she married Christopher I died inside, but I knew it would never last. I also was never a fan of April. That season was just all wrong to me. I know the same writers didn’t finish out the series, and you could so tell.  Obviously, I am SO SO SO SO SO happy that in the last episode they finally freaking got married! When it comes to Rory I have always flip flopped on who I thought she should be with. Jess just seemed to be a perfect match for her. Even though there were times I really despised him, he was always good to her. I also am probably in the minority by liking Logan. I don’t know why, but I pretty much always did except after his “many blondes for Thanksgiving” episode. I was anxious to see who they put her with in this series. I surely didn’t predict that she would be still pining over Logan and running off to London to see him, while he was engaged to someone else! And she’s pregnant?! I had kind of expected it for some reason. But is it his or the wookies ? All said and done, I thought these episodes were a little dry. I was however very excited to see all the characters again and super stoked about Luke and Lorelai ! But, can they really leave us hanging with a bombshell like that? More Please!!! anyway I’m ranting just needed to tell someone since so many of my friends haven’t finished (:img_4580