Covington had a beautiful crib…that she never slept in. We decided recently that it was time to try a “big girl” bed. I have been eyeing several beds for her, but we had an extra twin frame, so we decided to move it in and try it out. Success!! She LOVES it! Of course she wants mama and daddy to “nuggle in Covey’s big girl bed” occasionally, but she is so excited about it. We still have a visitor to crawl into our bed some nights, but we don’t mind! (:img_0706 Bed skirt and linens-Simply Shabby Chic; Throw- Anthropologie; Doll and Chair- Pottery Barn Kidsimg_0698-eI Love that I am still able to use her hospital sign above her bed (:img_0718


img_0713eThis is my first time using an artificial tree! They aren’t the easiest things to fluff out I realized… The most special things on this tree, to me,are the paper angels at the top that my brother and I made when we were little. Tree-Wal Mart; Ornaments- Collection from Target, Anthropologie, Hallmark




img_0701The biggest helper (:img_0699Paint Colors- Glidden White Pearl Ash and Time Worn Stoneimg_0742

img_0746Table-(discontinued)IKEA; Tree-Hobby Lobby
img_0732Covington plays with this Nativity constantly and can tell you who everyone is!img_0747-e Piano-Target; Not even a mouse-The Beaufort Bonnet Company