I have had so many people ask me about my parents house from my pictures and stories on Instagram. About 12 years ago they moved into a 1920’s Tudor style home with tons of character.  I LOVE everything in their home. My mom and dad can make anything and everything…

img_3256One of the things I get the most comments about is their “shed” . My mom came up with the idea and my dad, the engineer, designed and built it. img_9612 img_9622sIt’s made out of 22 old windows (plus the ones hanging inside on the back wall), has a tin roof, and just this last week …my dad started building a fireplace. 15064105_10208077203629772_1485952492_oThe fireplace is going on the left in the openingimg_9575 img_9603There’s tons of seating and a tv inside! I am begggggging him to come and build me one! It is so dreamy! img_9581A few snaps of the interior of the home.img_0047 img_0050s  img_0048  img_0056s  img_0059sThis antique cabinet holds my brothers and my baby items (:  img_0066s  img_0027

img_3161  img_3167 img_3178


img_3173And then there’s the other thing that I get a ton of questions about… The Porch Bed Swing15045413_10208077203509769_699290276_o

img_9705It made out of old barn wood and holds a twin sized mattress.img_9725It is covered in Shabby Chic linens and is absolutely my favorite spot!!!img_9733 img_9685 




img_9639I could go on and on about everything I love about their home. I’m sure when we go back up in a few weeks they will be starting a new project and I can tell you all about it (: