I know I am not the only one who can scroll through my news feed and suddenly feel down on myself after looking at other people’s picture perfect feeds…

Especially when I’m looking at the mounds of toys laying in the floor. The ones that I gave up picking up until right before bed because, let’s face it, why bother? Or when I notice that I didn’t even bother to get dressed today much less brush my hair.102

It is so easy to get caught up on others perfectly “photographed” lives. Their beautiful home, perfect outfit, flawless skin, you name it…

What would it be like to live in that picture perfect world? The more pictures I take the more I realize no one knows what that feels like. What is really going on behind that camera ? How many pillows and toys did you throw behind you to take that picture? How many snaps did you have to take to get that shot? Was it really a candid moment or did you set the tripod up on self timer? Oh…and how many did filters did you run it through before you decided to post it?! 001


I’m as guilty as the next person. Everything is so staged! They are pictures, they aren’t real life! Our homes get dirty, we wear sweats, and forget to mow our lawns sometimes… But no one really wants to document those things! 014.

091.We don’t live picture perfect lives. It’s so easy to get caught up in envy… But,the truth is,that house that I am drooling over… more than likely has mounds of dishes piled up in the sink and wet towels all over the floor just like ours does 🙂