My wild child turned 14 months on the 23rd! She learns so much everyday it amazes me. She has gotten really good at mimicking us… Yeah that’s scary (:

  • bath time is her favorite.. She LOVES water so much
  • She was asked to model for Elizabeth Layne Heirloom in October! Hello Savannah (:
  • she has serval teeth trying to come ..bad teeth
  • such a snuggler lately
  • Really starting to like her naps!
  • her favorite songs are Gilmore Girls, Uptown Funk, and the Bubble Gubbies theme song . She will literally wake up from a dead sleep if one of them comes on tv
  • she has decided that she likes to eat all of a sudden. Let’s hope this sticks!
  • When you ask her how old she is she holds up one finger
  • she love waving and telling everyone bye bye
  • her favorite game is “where’s Covington..there she is “
  • she has turned into a little mommy with her stuffed animals and babies. She carries them all around the house.
  • I am convinced she thinks she is a dog. She crawls around with them, plays in their bowls, and now tries to let her babies drink water from their bowls.
  • she will tell you what a kitty cat, a pig,and a doggy says..


She is the GREATEST!!

Covington Varnadore 2

Covington Varnadore 3


piggy kiss