Since I have a child who tries to never sleep, It has been a struggle to find time to write…When she is asleep I want to sleep or I’m madly cleaning the house.  I like my things put in certain places ( my husband is always in trouble ) so… having a 13 month old and 2 dogs who throw things everywhere has really been testing my patience lately.  

Yes, I said 13 month old! Where has the time gone? She and I spend most of our days at the pool or beach because it’s too dang hot to do much else. Rough life right?! It isn’t exactly a Corona Commercial  for me. This girl is a spit fire. She really is so so good though. Especially when she has entertainment. We do have our days when she is clinging to my leg and I”m about to pull my hair out.. Those of you who ask me when we are having another child…don’t ask me on those days!

We seem to have a lot of things coming up soon.. We got news that my Mimi will be having heart surgery in MS soon and we will be heading North for that. Keep her in your prayers please yall.. On a more positive note Jordan and my 3rd wedding anniversary is coming up. Woohoo! We made it 3 years (: lol jk So we are looking forward to celebrating  with whatever that may be.. Of course football season is just around the corner too so that will consume our lives until January..

As hot as it is Summertime is just my favorite!! I love the sun, yes I know it’s “bad” for me and I’ll probably look like a raisin one day, but it makes me happy. So… We will spend the next few weeks taking advantage of sandy toes and salty hair (: