This is my first Mother’s Day.. I always knew I wanted to be a mother. Everyone says being a mother changes you…It is so challenging but it’s the most rewarding thing you will ever do. That statement could not be closer to the truth.

My youngest brother is 7 years younger than me so I always felt like he was my child 🙂 I was old enough to “help my mama” and understand what was going on while he was growing up. I am thankful for that..Thankful for my upbringing and the example of unselfish love we received from my mom. She always went above and beyond for us.

Our Mother’s Day always consisted of going to the Gumtree Festival in Tupelo. I remember being asked by a news camera, when I was very young, why did I love my mom?… my response was to be expected from a small selfish child. I love my mom because she buys me stuff. If I could go back and answer this now…

I love my mom because I know how much she loves me. I know how she felt the first time she held me. I know how scared she was the first time I was sick. I know how she was upset when I was sad. I know how she wanted the World for me. I know all of this now because Ihave a daughter too and these are the things I feel for her..The love I have for her.

No one can explain the love you have for a child. Motherhood has brought so much joy to me. I have never slept so few hours, taken less showers, had a messier house, or been so happy.

I am also so blessed to have a husband who constantly tells me how proud of me he is. He treats me like I’m super mom 🙂 His mom is another mom I am very thankful for. She raised him into the man he is today.. She treats me like I am one of her children and has been nothing short of wonderful to me!!

So on this Mother’s Day I see this day in a different light..  I have never been more thankful for my mom,my Lorelai Gilmore 🙂 grandmothers.. And so so so thankful for the privilege to be a mommy to my baby girl. Happy Mother’s Day!!!