Yes, I am one of the crazies. I feel like I have pretty good experience and strategy when it comes to the collaborations that join up with Target. I was Missoni crazed back in 2011 and learned the drift. I did learn with Missoni that even buying something online doesn’t mean you are 100% going to get it. Due to the over popular demand they sell more than they have and they can take your items away :(( Anyway,  Target never releases the actual website launch time. So, I sat there from 11:45pm (eastern time) until around 3am-ish (when it actually released) refreshing my feed. I got so sick of staring at the girls on the home page I could have screamed. I constantly checked twitter and for a “Lilly for Target” Facebook page to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I was reading that people were “back-dooring” their way into the website and checking out with things before they were released on the website. By the time I finally figured out how to do that, the women’s clothing was gone. Sold out before it was even released online. I was able to cart 5 things for my daughter and then I couldn’t check out because by then whoever is in charge of the website had figured out what was going on and they shut it down. Great timing huh?  Target sent out a statement that plenty of things were still available — the website was just not ready yet — and everything would be stocked and ready to go. Well it wasn’t . I was on 3 different devices: iPad , iPhone and my computer. I could not purchase a thing. At this time it’s around 4 am and I am hot. I had text back and forth with my mom because she stayed up all night trying to order too and we were fit-to-be-tied. By now I’ve obviously disturbed the whole house because our dogs are circling and my husband walks in and asks me what the heck I’m doing. I gave him the whole spill and told him to get dressed because we were going to Target. You can imagine the look I got at 4am . He knew how excited I had been about this so it didn’t take much convincing. We got dressed and hit the road at about 5:15.



Watch out, we’ve got one coming in hot!!

We made it to Target at around 5:45 and no one was there. Hallelujah!! He thought I was absolutely crazy for dragging him out there and told me I was going to be the only one there. Every time a car got close my heart dropped. I finally got out of the car about an hour later and went and stood at the front door. I was on my phone trying to find things in stock and I was able to get several things for my daughter that I wanted. About 30 minutes later people started trickling in. By 7:30 there were 50 people in line behind me. My husband couldn’t believe it. He and Covington joined me in line. (Yes our 10 month old participated!) We devised our plan. He was taking her with the cart and going straight to her section. He was grabbing everything in her size and heading to the home section. I was going to the womens. When the doors opened we took off!! I ran to the women’s section and grabbed everything in my size! After I grabbed my things I ran to meet him. He threw all of her stuff in the cart and I took off with it to home. I think I scared the poor workers to death because I was flying with that buggy at 100 miles per hour. I was the second person to the home section and I heard the worker tell the man who beat me ,” Watch out, we’ve got one coming in hot !!”  I grabbed everything I wanted and tossed it in the cart. I had the chance to grab everything , and now of course I wish i had, but I didn’t. When I made it to the home section I heard on the employees radio, “the Lilly Pulitzer collection is gone, I repeat, it’s wiped clean.”


It all happened in about 3 minutes. I have no idea how I ran that fast it is all a blur. It was so exciting !! I am glad though that I don’t do this very often. I don’t think my heart can take it 🙂

target 2