Covington Elizabeth turned 9 months old this week. It seems like yesterday I was looking at the sonogram trying to figure out who she looked like. She has now been with us for as long as I carried her! I have never been so grateful for something so perfect. We are truly blessed beyond measures.


9 Months pregnant with baby girl


9 Months Old

We hit some big milestones this month..

  • She is crawling.. EVERYWHERE!
  • Standing up on anything and everything
  • Saying Mama and Dada
  • Loves to clap her hands.. she claps when you say yayyy
  • Mimics sounds
  • Dances to music ( Gilmore Girls theme song is still her favorite)
  • Went swimming in her Big Girl pool float
  • Loves Gerber Cheetos
  • Had her first Gold Fish crackers
  • Unfortunately had her first stomach bug 🙁 first time she’s been sick)
  • Playing in the sand at the beach is her favorite thing to do
  • Loves to play in the dog bowls
  • Weighs 21 pounds and is 28 1/2 inches long