Since my car and house are never free of sand because we are ALWAYS at the beach, I decided to share my list of beach must haves!! I feel we are quite professionals and have beach going down to a science..


beach bagbeach blanket.beach towelbeach umbrella beach wagon rio beach chairsunscreen yeti cooler


1. Isabel Beach Bag. Anyone who knows me know that I am OBSESSED with this company!! What’s not to love about a monogrammed beach bag? You can pick the fabric and color and line it in vinyl so it’s extra durable! $215

2. Parachute Beach Blanket. We got one of these for Christmas and it is amazing! It is perfect for our little girl. The edges have pockets to dig down into the sand so it stays put. Sand shakes right off and it folds up into a small bag! $39.99

3. Bonnie Beach Towel. Again, another TBBC product. An adorable towel! Monogrammed and ties on your chair 🙂 $48

4. Rio Tilting Umbrella. This is the best umbrella I’ve ever used. It is easy to use and tilts to block the sun in any direction. $30 

5. Beach Wagon. This thing is a lifesaver. It actually is one of the only things that rolls on sand. It folds up so easily!! $99.99

6.Rio Beach Chair. The Best Beach Chair!! $49.98

7.Neutrogena Baby Faces. Great for sensitive skin and doesn’t yellow clothing! $11.49

8. Yeti Tundra. $349.99